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Appraisal visit with written report from just £195 plus vat

Following your enquiry, we appoint to rapidly visit your property and undertake a full evaluation leading to a written report, consisting a room- by-room inventory of furniture and styling, a mood board showing example images of the key furniture proposals, together with a firm quotation for us to supply and fully install the complete design package detailed


Virtual appraisal with written report from just £149 plus vat

Send us at least 2 pics of each room – clearly labelled and we can provide a written report of action points and proposals…alternatively we can hook up on a ‘Zoom’ meeting for an up to 40 minute tour and discussion, and follow this up with a written summary of our recommendations and proposals.


What’s the full cost? 


Well, the point of the above service is to establish just that, we would say that a justifiable budget to allow for full professional property styling an empty property would be in the region of 1-2% of its value, in some instances, partial styling could also be appropriate and could be much less… that’s all quite a variance, but depending on the style, size and number of rooms and of course value, its all about what is necessary and financially justifiable in order to present the property to maximum effect.

With our innovative Purchase / Buy-Back package, you own the package and so together with careful management of your appointed agent, you not only improve the potential speed and optimise the sale price, you can also seek to substantially recover your costs, by selling the package to your buyer…but still have the comfort and convenience of our buy-back which includes full de-installation removal (within 6 months of installation) and 25-30% cash back (less vat paid) – * assumes items remain un-used and in the same condition as they were installed.


D E S I G N    S T Y L E    I M P R O V E


S H O W    H O M E    S T A N D A R D S


Following any variations, your order and payment, we aim to install asap, usually within 7 working days … sooner if possible

Most projects are carefully installed over 2-3 days, and when required, we can sometimes perform minor miracles for smaller projects in just 1 day!

We fully install, assemble, place, compose, dress and style the package supplied, and using our semi-professional camera, always photograph the completed presentation for our library, supplying the best images for clients and their agents own use

Upon completion of our installation, we remove all packaging materials and leave the finished presentation fully composed, ready for agents professional photography and of course your first viewings


D E S I G N    S T Y L E    I M P A C T